6800 Prestige Player Looking for Tough Alliance

I'm looking for an alliance to shoot for Gold 1 or Platinum I have 100% all chapters. MSG ON LINE:
JUBS408 0qnc2f0j1984.jpg


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    Majub408 wrote: »
    I'm looking for an alliance to shoot for Gold 1 or Platinum I have 100% all chapters. MSG ON LINE:
    JUBS408 0qnc2f0j1984.jpg

    That duped sentry though.
  • @Majub408
    If you're still looking for an alliance, then check out The Order of the Ebon Hand [O.E.H]. We're a chill but active 5.0 million alliance that's recruiting one plus players with a base rating of 80-100K+. We’re not Gold 1 but Silver 3 looking to advance to Silver 1 or at least Gold 3 by the end of Season 6.

    The LINE app is REQUIRED to join. PM one of our officers (ARGaming86 <---ME, OpethFan1) or our leader Liam Seven (ebonhand) on LINE for more details. Adding one of us is a MUST especially ebonhand.
    IG:GorerillaTactic, Liam 7, OpethFan1

    Participation is key! Group participation in completion, item use, duels, etc to reach max rewards is highly recommended. No donation requirements. We understand that life issues happen, but please communicate. If there are any grievances, take it up with me or another officer. If you do decide to leave us, please give us warning and don’t leave in the middle of AQ/AW. It doesn’t just hurt us but yourself, rewards wise.

    We run AQ Maps 2 and 3 simultaneously when we’re not in the middle of AW. It’ll be a combination of 3/3/2 or 3/2/2. While in AW, we run three (3) BGs of Map 2. We might do Map 4+ if we have enough in our treasury balance. We run AW twice a week and AQ daily. We’re looking to push towards 3 BGs once we obtain a solid 30 members.

    The use of top champs is a must where nothing under 2K in AQ/AW is allowed/recommended. 4*’s 3/30+ is recommended but no 3*’s. No pressure to join AW/AQ but participation is required/highly recommended when joining.

    Our updated stats are as follows:
    5,021,140 (5.0 MIL) – AW: Silver 3 – 1,127 AW Rating – Tier 13 – 1,025,264 points – Rank 420

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    Add me on Line. Gold 1. Tier 5. 5x5 AQ all bgs 100%. Upto 15m rating. Woody141082
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    gold1 ally tier 4,5, 5x5 AQ, top 550-800. my line: bpn88855
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    We run 3 groups with different AQ maps to accommodate for time off. Hit 80k in weekly AQ. got 500k in SA. Minimum donations and great communication. Gold 2 last season, need 1 to get to gold 1. Hope it's you. Message me in game, or line is Jeffholland
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