A.I.M. Shadow Division Alliance is recruiting active members!

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Hello everyone!

If you're a mid-tier summoner looking for an active yet relaxed environment (work-friendly), come join us! We're looking for people who can hold their own against opponents in AW/AQ. There's not a lot of requirements, all we ask is that if you can't join in during an event, just let us know and if you're going to be more than a week away, definitely let me know. Donations are appreciated but not demanded, it just helps everyone out.

So if this sounds like you, come join us! Our tag is S_Div

P.S. In case you're wondering why A.I.M Shadow Division, it's because I'd like to think that we're much like the original A.I.M. we're a group of brilliant minds capable of creating the most advance tech but unlike the original, we have combat training comparable to Winter Soldiers. In short, we're the faction of A.I.M. that even Hydra or any organization wouldn't mess with due to our intellect and combat prowess.


  • Experienced players are a great asset but we also welcome active members who are willing to get stronger
  • Happy new years everyone!

    A.I.M Shadow Division is still looking for experienced and loyal members willing to participate in AQ and AW. Look up our tag S_Div
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