[AFSS] A Few Shards Short Is looking for a few casual players.

[AFSS] A Few Shards Short
Is looking for a few casual players.

Line Chat application IS required!

We only have two requirements:
1. Join our alliance chat group on the line app.
2. No drama.

No donations required
No minimum goals
Alliance Quest and Alliance War is encouraged but not required

You will never find a more laid-back Alliance in this game! We realize that this is a game. We play for fun and relaxation. We all have jobs we don't need another one.

We also realize that real life comes first and you will not be penalized because real life issues interfere with your gaming!

We routinely run map 2 in alliance Quest because it does not tie up our characters from using them and other content.

We are currently an open Alliance so all you have to do to join is look us up in game and join.

However, once you join you have 48 hours to add PoppaJim in line chat I will then invite you to our chat group!
Failure to join our chat group in the line app will get you removed from the alliance shortly after your 48 Hours has passed!

Alliance merging proposals need not apply!

We look forward to seeing you!
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