5* Generic Awakening

Is it worth awakening any of these champs or am I best holding onto it?
Really tempted by AA and I have a r3-r4 mutant rank up and around 50 mutant Sig stones


  • I would say hold tight for now. I agree the only realistic option is AA (but also maybe Proxima if ur into her playstyle). Wait for a champ that isn’t as situation dependent as AA
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    Yeah, if it was a mutant gem I'd say go for it with AA but for a generic, I think you would be better off holding and saving it for one of those champs you have no doubts in using it on.
  • Yeah I love proxima and her damage. Kind of waiting for a corvus pull for the synergy, the only problem is I only have 2x t2 alpha at the minute, and I'm saving those to take my dupe SL from r3 to r4. AA was my thinking because I already have the mutant rank up gem. I know he's good unawakened, but the ability reduction would be pretty nice.
  • Tbh my next aim is to build a team for LOL
  • Tbh my next aim is to build a team for LOL
    Depending on how badly/quickly you want to get LoL done, I’d say take up Starlord, use the Generic on Archangel, and then take him up as well when you get the materials. If you ran Starlord, Archangel, and then a Mutant Crit Team or some other synergy team, you’d be set. Starlord for most of the lane clearing, and then Archangel for really annoying fights like X-23, OG Spidey, Electro, etc. Goodluck!
  • Yeah my plan is to r5 SL. I have the t5b. Just not enough t2 alpha. Got voodoo already at r5. Duped KM at r4 who should be handy for LOL, then Proxima and 6* Loki
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    Starlord is good at r4. Save your t5 for blade, domino, sparky, some craz new champ etc,
  • Aegon would be pretty nice too
  • Save for dr voodoo, aegon or blade
  • Save for dr voodoo, aegon or blade

    Already got Dr Voodoo 5/65 Sig 120
  • I’d use it on AA, he still destroys UC event quests, variant chapter 1 and also the annoying LoL fights such as X23. It is pretty much void, AA or Ægon that are worthwhile for that fight.
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  • Save it
  • save for scarlet witch. she's coming soon
  • Definitely save...AA and gp are amazing champions in the right matchup but for a generic gem,u need someone who gives u more utility
    And as for SL,he can clear LOL even at r4...there isn't that big a difference between r4 and r5 SL
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