Want Map 6, but have none of the prestige? Well step inside where I’ve got something for that :0

Top 200 aq ally

Gold 1 too ;)

In need of 1 player who can take path 6


• 1 Rank 5 5* or close to a Rank 5 5*

• Monthly Uncollected/Epic Quest 100%

• To ensure that your account is growing steadily

• Map 6 experience or willingness/skill to work
up to it

• Because prestige is not a requirement brute
skill is required, so take the opportunity to
grow and rise above your prestige and those
who have written you off.

Private message me your line ID.


  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Path 6 or path 2 with nodes 27 and 53 mini boss solos
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