MCOC Premuim Drop Rates: Are they Buffed?/ and Weird crystal glitch

MilkerWhale72MilkerWhale72 Posts: 17
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Hey Summoners, no idea if this is a Glitch or not but it is pretty crazy. I had 5 premuim hero crystals to Open and The First one I spun, came from the bottom right corner. I landed on a 4* Gambit which was next to a 4* Sabertooth. Then I opened the next one, and I Saw the exact same row of champions, and landed on a 4* Sabertooth. And next to The sabertooth was a 3* Hulk. Same thing happened to the other crystals. I got 3 4 stars, Gambit, Sabertooth and Iron man, and two three stars Hulk and venom. am I the only who experienced this? I am overjoyed with these pulls dont get me wrong, but The game feels broken. Anyone else see the exact same row of champs right after?
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