4 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Can you believe that we’re gearing up to celebrate 4 Years of the Contest?!

During that time, the Battle Realm has been shaken by countless near cataclysmic events, and continues to grow and evolve in ways that are still unknown!

We have quite a few things planned to celebrate our 4th Anniversary, so let’s get to it!

1 Week Anniversary Calendar: Starting December 10th, we’re kicking off our special week long Anniversary Calendar! Be sure to log in every day, or you’ll miss out on some valuable resources, including Health Potions and Rank Up materials!

Anniversary Boost: For the entire week, enjoy a 20% Boost to Gold, XP, and Battle Chips!

Titles: Continuing the tradition, log in during the Anniversary Week to claim your special Anniversary title!
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent - For Summoners that have been playing for under a year.
Avenger On Call - For Summoners that have been playing for over one year.
Seasoned Summoner - For Summoners that have been playing for over two years.
Howling Commando - For Summoners that have been playing for over three years.
Ancient One - For Summoners that have been a part of the Contest since the very beginning!

Random Discounted Items in the Store: Everyday, we will be featuring 3 Random Items for sale under the Featured Tab in the store. These 3 items will be 50% off! There’s a limit of 20 per item, and if the same item comes around twice, the purchase limit will not reset. Be sure to check in every day to make sure you don’t miss what you’re looking for!

Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune: These fan favourite quests will be available for 24 hours at a time, and will rotate between the two every day. Don’t miss this chance to restock on Potions and Revives, and to build up your Gold Balance!

Tiered Daily Specials: For this week only, if you purchase the Daily Special, a second offer will be made available that contains an entire Tier 4 Class Catalyst, for the price of a Star Lord’s Loot Bag.

A Special Anniversary Gift: All Summoners that started playing December 10th, 2017 or earlier will receive a 4-Star Taskmaster, while all players that started after December 11th will receive a 3-Star Taskmaster! We’ll also be giving all players 25x 4-Star Signature Stones, and 10x 5-Star Signature Stones, as well as a special 4-year Anniversary Profile Pic!

The Calendar kicks off at 00:00 UTC on December 10th (December 9th at 4pm PST), while everything else will start 6pm UTC (10am PST) on December 10th!

Happy 4th Anniversary, Summoners, and here’s to the many more to come!
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