AW - Alliance Swap Strategy, AW Rating, and Competitive Balance



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    edited December 2018
    I wasn’t going to say anything...this is HIGE though, very unfair, and should never happen. It does though. Every single time.

    I have witnessed an alliance bringing the same 5* r4’s into AW attack. It does not matter at all if nodes are linked. Sub-Bosses, IMIF on armoire uo, I do mean anything at all.

    Every war, every single time, there is one player that just plows through any node, heads straight for the boss and waits until the war is almost over. Linked or not (all sub bosses whatever) Bosskill. Count on it. No health loss. Easily done. How? No clue. Works in every AQ as well. What is going on? How is that possible. Minimum of 20 wars, 20 AQ I have watched this happen over and over. No longer with ally but this concerns me.

    The same person can expect to kill as many as 21 5* r4 awakend attackers on standard nodes... mvp everytime.7blqft2hat0w.jpeg
  • Kushstar420Kushstar420 Posts: 192
    i really hope this will be addressed as this causing allys to spend less units and use less items too
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