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Is 6 star mephisto any good?

Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,119 ★★★
I just pulled this guy. Just wanted to know your thoughts about him. I know mephisto well, his abilities and all. I got him at R4 4 star and used him a bit earlier. I want to know how is his damage as a 6 star and will he be of any use. I already have 2 pretty average 6 stars Karnak and gg. So I guess this isn't going to make it any better. People with 6 star mephisto can help me more about his damage output and usability. Will he be any good for questing, wars etc. I have blade with Trinity as my top team by the way.


  • godsquad891godsquad891 Posts: 778 ★★
    yeah I like him I have him as a 5* and blade as my top champ and I use him often his incinerate and regain is useful a lot of champs are damaged by incinerate
    hes better awakened for defence I'm told but I'm sure hell be pretty handy
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,653 ★★★★★
    He’s fairly useful. I’ve grown a liking to him as a duped 4/40 when I need to face an Iceman or another Meph
  • AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 529 ★★
    It's really good. I have him 5* duped at 3/45. He was my powerhorse against The Champion last month. Unduped still is very good, it's just about managing his charges. Congrats on your pull
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