Ex RH4H & IPTF members

Calling all ex RH4H & IPTF members. Our Alli leader rocky needs help. Approximately a month ago he had commissioned the task of taking k of the Allis to myself and WestCoastParty due to his changing job.
Unfortunately on 2/12/2018 he was involved in a severe car crash at his home place in fort Myers that has left him in a 3-4 days medically induced coma. As of now he is still bed ridden due to a fractured wrist, fractured hips and concussion.
We call upon all ex RH4H & IPTF members to help us help him by donating to help him after his hospitalisation. His insurance should cover his medical bills but it would be sometime before he can go back to work.
Please help us help an mcoc family member. Every dollar counts.


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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious not sure if this is appropriate but we're sincerely hoping to help 1 of our mcoc family member.
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    We've succeeded collecting 200$ from current members although 110$ was canceled due to billing address issues (donors will redo the donations). Pls help us help a family member
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    Latest update. We've succeeded collecting 300$ as of now. I thank those that have donated and those that have pm'ed to wish @RockyB239 well wishes.
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    Again every dollar helps. It may be sometime and well after the holiday seasons before he can be fit to work.
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