Alliance Quest Map 6 Update - December 14th 2018


The start of our last Alliance Quest season didn’t bring about much change for Map 6, but the time for its refresh is here!

Updated Encounters:
We’ve updated most of the Legacy Champions across the Map, and almost eliminated the repeat encounters. This means that you’ll be seeing more Champions that have been released over the last year or so, and not the same Champions (give or take a few) that launched with Map 6. Additionally, 7 nodes (Nodes 24, 27, 69, 64, 118, 111 and 121) on this map will feature Randomized enemies, similar to Maps 5 and below.

New Minibosses:
Mephisto and Yondu join Void as Minibosses! Be sure to check every week to see which Mini-Boss you’ll be facing before choosing your team!

Uncapped Difficulty:
We’ve removed the PI cap, so your Alliance can push themselves even further, and face bigger challenges for even more points and rewards!

Path and Buff Changes:
A few of the Paths and Buffs along those Paths have been updated to create new challenges, or to remove redundant ones. For instance, all instances of Combo Shield have been replaced with either Aspect of Genesis or Aspect of Nightmare, Bleed has been replaced by Biohazard, and Power Gain nodes will each be given something a little extra to make them more difficult.

There are lots more changes to be discovered, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise, so make sure that you scope out your path in advance!

New Map 6 Crystals:
For exploring Map 6, you’ll be receiving a new Map 6 Crystal with an approx. 50% increase in T2A Catalyst Fragments, and a small bump to the chances to score an entire T4B, T4CC, or T2A! These are brand new crystals, and existing crystals in your inventory will not be updated. Map 6 Crystals in Rank Rewards will also be updated to these new Crystals.

Two Additional Milestones:
With the limit to your point potential, we’re also adding 2 more Milestones at 300 Million Points and 350 Million Points.

This all kicks off with the next series of Alliance Quests that start on December 14th at 12:00 PM PST! Get ready for the most drastic change that Map 6 has ever seen!
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