Rank ip question. With all info provided

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I recently pulled a 5* st and also have a 4* domino.
My question is that should I rank 5 domino or rank 3 sabretooth?

Where am I?
I’m currently doing master eq and after exploring I’ll go onto 5.2.3 and for uncollected eventually. I have a total of 6 5* and out of that this is the only best option for r3.

I have a total of 3 rank 5 4*s and no r3 5*s

Synergy bonuses
I have a 5/50 killmonger who I could pair with st.
I don’t have massacre or red hulk to pair up domino.

But domino and st has an okay synergy.

Both the champions are unduped but I think that wouldn’t matter to both of them as I’m asking only for offence.


Rank ip question. With all info provided 17 votes

Sabretooth to r3
NanoDroidSungjSceptilemaniacissamaf80Sairam44SidDDragonUltimatesaber32MaatttyyEsket1t_420Marri_2 10 votes
Domino to r5
Maldroit2KingsumJayCeeMrwarren96FhfjghhggggjfhfjgSaket_123Sérgio_321 7 votes


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