Starting to feel like there’s a Conspiracy against me

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some good ones… Blade, domino, Voodoo and I’ve learned to love hood. Actually pretty happy with my six stars as well: rocket, duped GG, Hawkeye, Guillotine

But, Since I got domino...

My luck has gotten continuously worse. Went along time without getting the worst champs but my last few have been colossus, Jane Foster, she hulk, spider Gwen, Groot, Netflix DD x2, hulk buster, civil warrior and now... iron patriot

So... I should expect Corvus or hyp next, right? RIGHT?! 😂


  • You've got the conglomerate of the worst champs the game has to offer (not including Jane Foster, she's actually not terrible, has some decent utility), but you're missing Kamala Khan. She's next. BET ON IT.
  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 286
    Oh I got her and others just not since domino 😂
  • Its random luck no conspiracy I feel ya my last ones were hulkbuster 3 times in a row then rhino 3 times in a row lol
  • lol Domino is all about luck. Maybe she hit you with the unlucky buff
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