Iceman bugged for Champions Clash?

Was Iceman bugged for the Champions Clash for a period of time? I spent 2k of my own units and 3k worth of alliance mates sending me revives and heals. A level 2 team revive, with the 40% heal, and I would be dead in a matter of seconds because of the coldsnap. I started the quest on the previous day and I don't remember the coldsnap being much of a problem. After burning through the revives on maybe the 4th iceman, I felt like I had to keep going because I was so close to the end (and didn't want to waste all the spent units).

Was this a bug? Can I get some of my units back?

My friends/ally mates of similar rosters/skill did it for less than 1k units but cost me 5k in total...


  • Drooped1Drooped1 Posts: 476
    Who did they/you use? Cause I had zero deaths to him
  • Maybe because they used Corvus, Sabre-tooth since they're immune to cold snap or even rouge and blade since they can greatly reduce debuffs. Just saying you should have asked them about their roaster choice since not every one picked the exact same.
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