Im stuck in 5.1.2, what is the easiest way to complete it, cant get through gwenpool.


  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 659 ★★★
    whats your roster?
  • albin452albin452 Posts: 25
    whats your roster?

    My ten highest reating champs are:
    ghost rider r3 L45 5*
    Spider man classic R5 L50 (Awekend) 4*
    Corvus glaive R4 L40 4*
    Medusa R4 L40 4*
    Black panther civil war R2 L35 5*
    Moon Knight R4 L40 4*
    Killmonger R4 L40 4*
    Captain America R3 L30 (Awekend) 4*
    Cyclops R2 L22 red suit 5*
    Quake R3 L30 4*

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