Fine I'll ask

@Kabam Wolf are you banning people for "moving alliance members in AQ or AW"


  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    Why is this so hard for people? Logging into an account that isn't yours is against ToS and is a bannable offense.

    That said, if not using mods or hacks then it is a very hard thing for them to see and track reliably.
  • DrainsDrains Posts: 158
    But maybe if THEY say it people will stop freaking out
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    "They" definitely will NOT tell forum that it's ok to log into other people's accounts. Miike stated earlier that it is against terms to log into any account that isn't one of your own for any reason (AQ/AW/arena/etc).
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