Beta Test - Rank Up Issue

So in the beta test you get 20M gold and access to a beta store. The store has pots and 5* awakening, signature, and rank up items all for 1 gold each. I assume this is to test all the nodes with various champs. BUT in order to use the next rank up gem, you need to level up using your own ISO inventory. So if you don’t have enough of your own ISO inventory, you won’t be able to rank up. The gold cost for ranking up is also still the same so 20M can go fast.

Kabam, please make leveling / rank up free and without requiring iSO during beta.


  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,563 ★★★★
    You get tons of basic iso plus you can sell 4 stars to get more iso if you are short only in beta
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