Relaxed 20 Mil Looking For one 7k+ prestige: AQ Maps 5/3/2 (80 Mil.) & AW Gold 1 (2BGs)

True Legends (calii) is looking for one experienced player to join our team. We have no minimums so do what you want as long as you communicate and are active in AQ and AW. Come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun playing MCoC again!

* Requirements: Line App, prestige 7000+ and a roster able to compete in tier 4 AW (at least 1 R5 5* and 4 R4 5*s preferred)

* AW: 2 BGs - Gold 1: Organized with assigned paths and a rotating roster.

* AQ: maps 5/3/2 each day - Donations: 33000 gold, 7200 BC, 3100 loyalty

Message me if interested.
Line ID: mav03820

IGN: Maverick03820


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