The god-tier difference

Because 5* champs are the future, I dont take 4*s to R5 right away, even if they’re god tier.

I pulled my first champ that wasn’t first of second generation from a 4* shard crystal: Medusa.

I brought her to R4 and put her in my AQ line up. We run Map 3 because I’m in a retirement alliance.

I usually run my no cost champs in AQ: Wolvie, OG DD, and DV. They are all R5 and level 99 or close. I swapped them for IW Cap, Medusa and IMIW, all 4*, all R4. Cap and IM are awakened but only have a couple levels because I made sure to grind both arenas for both of them.

They melt Map 3. I know the effort it takes to run Map 3 with my older champs and new 4* R4 champs just destroyed. Medusa versus HB as mini boss was a joke.

There’s a reason people get salty about their pulls and their RNG luck: There is a night and day difference between Medusa and OG Captain Marvel (and I love me some CM). There is really not a lot of balance between current champs versus OG champs.

Especially when the difference between using pots and revives on new content is how many god tier champs you have.

It seems like eons ago I paid the $5 every week on mystic day to have a higher chance to pull a mystic champ to have a shot at SW or DS because they, in effect, increased your resources. Less spent on revives and pots is more to be spent on mastery cores and offers.

People shouldn’t be belittled for beefing about bad RNG. It hits them in the wallet. Every Colossus pull costs you money. Every Joe Fixit dupe costs me money. We all spend time and money to play this game. A useless pull like a Colossus is a waste of our time and effort.


  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683 ★★★
    A slowly evolving META is a staple of many games but MCOC kinda mucks it all up with RNG and then the ridiculous 150 person payout on new champs.

    The crazy thing is 2 years ago ppl were spending thousands of dollars to get top 4* Champs. Crossbones used to be a sought after Champ just like OG Spidey. Now you wouldn’t even bother ranking them past R1

    Have fun but spend at your own risk
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,263 ★★★
    Most people just get tired of the constant complaining about RNG. Yeah it sucks, but you don't have to make a thread every time you pull Karnak..

    Just sit and cry alone like the rest of us haha
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