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Blocking delayed???

Tonight I have noticed blocking is very slightly delayed. It's not much but it's enough to make it very difficult to play as landing a parry is nearly impossible. This cost me a long arena streak and again cost me another match as I was attempt to rebuild to the infinite streak. Kind of annoying because it costs me 60 units for refreshes to get into the infinite streak. Luckily the second time I lost out before I reached the point where I have to refresh.

Not too concerned with the units but this blocking thing has already gotten old. Let's fix this asap huh?


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    FthewiggFthewigg Posts: 104
    Agreed, some previous bugs have returned. 2 nights ago some of my specials were being blocked after 5 hit combos. This morning the block/parry issue returned. I'm not making any accusations, but this is frustrating. I've been taking advantage of daily spidey events to accrue revives for chipping away at 5.2. I'm concerned this won't get fixed until after they vanish from my stash. And yes, I'm aware of how not to claim them in order to buy 7 more days before they go poof.
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    Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    I've been having bugs and issues with blocking and control in general for quite awhile now with no sign of being fixed.

    It's irritating, frustrating, annoying and an absolute drain on resources. I don't understand how they can mess up the game time after time and leave issues unfixed for months despite all the players posting about it, giving screenshots and videos and yet the issues persist.

    They keep saying it's "fixed ", or "optimized, or it's being investigated, blah blah how about you guys fix the issues already some of which are many many months old.
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