Variant 2.1 - Green Goblin switching nodes

In the left section of the map, there is a Green Goblin with the global node Spite, as well an the local node Power Gain.

After trying to battle him once, the game crashed. When it came back, I did a fight and lost. Then in the next fight, he switched local nodes. Instead of having the local node Power gain, he then had the Buffet node, which made him heal more HP than what he started the fight since I didn't used a champion to counter buffet.


  • So it looks like this is affecting more champions ...
    In Variant 2.2, the left side MODOK (Agression Fury and Stun Immune) had Masoquism instead, after the game crashed
  • Heheheh7777Heheheh7777 Posts: 28
    Punishment for force closing the app?
  • Wouldn't call it a punishment since it can be exploited to our advantage ...
    And I can't control the crashes, even though I know were you want to go with that
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