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If Chuck Norris played Alliance Wars (matchmaking problem and solution)

Chuck Norris: Hi Kabam. I just started an alliance and we are 10 great "heroes" that want to play Alliance Wars. I have 1 million strength. Bruce Lee has 1 million. Rocky and Rambo are in with 1 million each. Muhammad Ali, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Mike Tyson... you get the picture, right? So, all of us are at 10 million strength. What now?
Kabam: Press matchmaking. You're team is amazing but has 0 rating. Basically even if you are 10 of the strongest people in the world you need to fight first a team of kindergarten girls just to advance in our system.
Chuck Norris: Why can't we fight a team at our level?
Kabam: Ha! Ha! You just joined an alliance. Fighting kindergarten girls teams is your level. At least these are the rules set by us.

So, yeah!
This is how the "matchmaking system" feels like to me: Chuck Norris can be paired to fight with a baby and, according to existing logic: "there's no problem in this".

My solution:
Make the system backwards.
Don't pair two teams the moment they press "scan for enemy" based on their war rating.

Let the team members join the battlefield. Can be 1, 2 or 3 BGs.
Based on the players that joined find an enemy that has a similar strength - NOT A SIMILAR WAR RATING.
It shouldn't count how much you won / lost in order to find a new enemy.
If you are Chuck Norris you get to fight Thanos not a kindergarten girl.

More about this system:
- the strength of the alliance is calculated based on the players that joined the AW
- if you have 2 BGs open and 15 players joined you calculate the alliance strength by adding the best 5 from the team that didn't joined - this way even if 1 player with 1.000 strength joins 3 BGs the searching will not be for a 1.000 strength enemy
- the player's strength is calculated similar to PI - average of top 8 (not 5) heroes - and not all heroes

Thank you for hearing me out, Kabam.
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