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I almost decided what to do, but maybe hearing your suggestion will tell me something I’m missing...
I have 1 T5B, 5 T2A, 3 T4C skill and 3 T4C mystic.
I love my 4/55 duped Blade and I use him almost for everything. I’m thinking to upgrade him to 5/65 as soon as I can.
It will cost me 6 T2A, but I could spend 4 of them to upgrade my 3/45 unduped Magik (whose incredible utility I’m perfectly aware of) to 4/55. In both cases, the one I won’t take will be appearently strongly delayed.
In your opinion is more useful to have a stronger all-around character, or a wider coverage at a lightly lower level?

To better describe my situation: I have two 4/55 (one is duped Blade, the other is unduped Medusa), a 6* 1/25 (unduped Nightcrawler) and a fair amount of 5/50-3/45. I usually explore completely uncollected EQs. I’m about to start Act 5.4 (previous are fully explored).

PS: If you vote for Blade, who do you suggest to rank up?
• 5* unduped Hood to 3/45
• 5* unduped Mephisto to 3/45
• 4* duped Voodoo to 5/50

Thanks in advance!!

Strategy Question 7 votes

5/65 duped Blade
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4/55 unduped Magik
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    4/55 unduped Magik
    As new characters have been coming out, it’s apparent that blade is being softly nerfed and his big role in AW is no longer there because of new defenders like domino and imiw. Also many players regret taking blade to 5/65 as their first r5 because of how he’s only really good when he has danger sense. If he has the bleed on champs without danger sense he’s only alright. Magik on the other hand has utility as you mentioned and could really benefit from the rank up since her damage isn’t really good. And on top of this, blade already does his job well at 4/55 unless you’re doing stuff like LoL or very high tier AW. Plus it’s better to have multiple champs at a pretty high level rather than having one stacked champ while the others are pretty far behind.
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