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4* Awakening Gem Conundrum

I am about to finish exploring Act 4, and am trying to decide who I should use the awakening gem on. I think there are four clear choices. To set the scene a little, I already have awakened 4* Wolvie, Iceman, Angela, Voodoo, Blade and Luke. I do not have a Scarlet Witch, who would be my first choice if I did. Should I wait for her or use it on one of the following?

4* Awakening Gem Conundrum 9 votes

Cage_1 1 vote
FhfjghhggggjfhfjgWelderofortuneAngusMac279 3 votes
Mitchell35Saket_12323RaHiM 3 votes
Wait for the Witch
DrownedGodSUBH 2 votes
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