Rhino dash attack bugged (screenshots with proof)

CainCain Posts: 134
edited December 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
So I’m fighting rhino in “Epic” (or uncollected, can’t remember, far right) lane of chilled challenges and he’s stun immune. Cool I’ll handle him like I did the Rhino in RTTL. However I don’t know when this happened or if it’s just isolated there but his unstoppable buff has been extended further into his dash attack to a degree which is illogical. I get that he’s thinks and his charge (dash) is unstoppable and sometimes unblockable. However his unstoppable buff is extending past his attack. You can dash back and go to counter his attack, make contact, but he’s still unstoppable which makes no sense. He wasn’t like this in RTTL a month or so ago, can this please be looked at because it makes the only non special ability champ option to bait the heavy...?b82quilp64xd.png


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