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  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    How about a way to block certain forum posts? Such as anything with 'Rankdown tickets' in the subject so we don't have to see the regular complaints for those. I'm sure others have preferences for what they don't need to see but that would top my list by a distance
  • TheSpicyKnightTheSpicyKnight Posts: 1,134 ★★★★
    @mum_m2 Thanks for the welcome, I do play the game and I’m not nearly as far as you are! Midway through End Game. I’ve loved Marvel since I can remember, come home every day after school to watch reruns.

    Are there any mods in End-Game content/alliances? I ask because I wonder if they can sympathize with our gratitude or frustrations when changes are added.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,214 ★★★★★
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    @TheSpicyKnight mods have previously said that they aren’t allowed to try for legend runs on permanent content or challenges (only EQ) so it would be fair for players who don’t know the people who make the challenges, so it is safe to assume a decent number of them have the ability or have already gotten a legend title, so yeah they are probably end game

    Edit:also slightly off topic ; )
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,446 ★★★★★
    Kaylee, when we're typing a post and it auto saves the draft, the pop-up telling us it autosaved lasts far too long, and on longer posts, it pops up right over the line of text we're typing.

    Could we either remove the pop-up, shorten its time (yes, I know you can X it off) or have it float at the top of the page?
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,866 ★★★
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    Actually @Hamin, I would also love the ability to turn off auto save drafts altogether.

  • RikuremaRikurema Posts: 141
    Name change?
    Some people might change their summoner names, so why not change forum names too?
  • kabam makes a profile photo with the red omega symbol
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    @ArcDeAngelus - Added Let me think about a way that could work, interesting idea - thanks!
    @Hamin - Added

    Hi all thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to close this discussion down tomorrow (Jan/09). If you have any last minute suggestions post them here. Otherwise feel free to PM me.
  • Didn't notice if you responded to my comment early about making everyone's forum name the same as their IGN to cut down on the trolling.

    Oops sorry - missed that one. I'll put it on our big list for discussion.

    - Kabam Kaylee
  • lilyth23lilyth23 Posts: 95
    bienvenue miss kelly et j'espère que ta tête va pas trop chauffer avec des questions ou des clash sur des bugs sur le jeu,les gains non présents etc
  • bpunk88bpunk88 Posts: 119
    Welcome Kaylee! I have a few ideas for features/functionality that I'd like to submit.

    1) Access to Data - Public API's and more
    The community has thrived on the exhaustive efforts of savvy players, building tools, compiling data, etc. One of the hardest parts is gathering/accessing data. Exposing API endpoints (perhaps only to registered developers) could allow others to build robust tools.
    - Alternatively (or in conjunction), if player data was synced and accessible externally that would be a tremendous help, a "Player Dashboard" essentially.
    - Allow players to share a publicly accessible URL so others can view their dashboard, with options to show stats, prestige, champion rosters, etc.
    - For Officers and Leaders of alliances this would be a tremendous help and save from requesting screenshots from other players. Since the information would be synced from the game, they could reference it later to see what rank-ups a player had made.

    2) Bugs and Known Issues
    This sub-forum is quite scattered and hard to locate information, leading to duplicate issue posts and unknown statuses.
    Could this sub-forum specifically be revamped to function more like a bug tracker?
    - Pin threads for "Known Issues", "More Information Needed", "Confirmed Issues" and "Change log data" that summarize all submitted/reviewed bugs.
    - Include a description (and issue # if available) for all submitted.
    - Assign Statuses for all issues so players can easily tell if the issue they are having is already documented or needs additional information.
    - Some helpful statuses include: "Fixed (v21.3)", "In Progress", "Pending Review", "More information Needed", "Working As Intended"

    3) Documentation
    There is very limited information available on the workings of different aspects of the game. Some exists in the Support interface but is not easily accessed or searchable via forums. Information about how the game works, what buffs/debuffs mean, etc would be beneficial for new players. Possibly a Wiki style setup.

    Thanks for the efforts and openness to feedback, hope to see you achieve great things here!
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,446 ★★★★★
    Not sure how I forgot this...

    On the mobile site, there isn't an option to change your avatar.

    Could we get a link in our profile? If it's too much for the mobile site, could we get a link in our profile that redirects to the full site?

    Like have a button on our mobile site profile that says (change avatar - will be redirected to the full site).
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,214 ★★★★★
    I like how this forum is done on BBCode, and I've attempted looking up different tags for it, and I haven't found much else besides colors and lists, but I'm also vaguely aware of random stuff like spoilers
    and this :trollface: random emoji not on general keyboards

    Can there be some resource that tells summoners what tools are available (like spoilers) and which you guys don't want us using (colors)?
  • BitterHeadBitterHead Posts: 17
    A post or rather a spreadsheet explaining all the nodes present in the contes right now and the nodes coming in near future will be great and it will help us intermediate progressing players
  • TuttoFumo1TuttoFumo1 Posts: 53
    Hi, I've posted this in the german Forum, but I'll give it a shot here...
    I really would like to see more informations from the Admin side on current topics, bugfixes, updates etc. the german Forum (written in german of course!). This would give it a bit more "life" and activity. Not all the german summoners are good in english and so a lot of information has to be transmitted through the people that search here. Think about it, this also would give the german page more traffic!

    Best regards (and still waiting for Android to run properly),

  • SlayerOfGodsSlayerOfGods Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    I almost wanna say the ability to block someone on the forum like the game, but I dont think that would work well here.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,866 ★★★
    BitterHead wrote: »
    A post or rather a spreadsheet explaining all the nodes present in the contes right now

    I mentioned third party content way back when but didn't go into specifics since I don't use a lot of it but things like the above should absolutely be part of the official forum and easy to find. At the moment its search, search and more search for simple things like the above if you are not part of an alliance or have subscriptions elsewhere.

    If this is an idea being considered, a thread with suggestions on exactly what content people use or would like to see is a good idea.

    It would also be cool if this content was created by summoners, scrutinised by the team for suitability with credit to whoever builds the info sheet then made part of the official forum because I'm sure there are plenty of resourceful people out there already doing it.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,562 ★★★★
    Can we get a feature that allows us to see who clicks the buttons on posts? Example: This post has 4 agrees. I would like to see who agreed.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,214 ★★★★★
    Can we get a feature that allows us to see who clicks the buttons on posts? Example: This post has 4 agrees. I would like to see who agreed.

    Or maybe along a similar thought, kabam keeps tabs on people who flag a lot (for the kids who flag things because they disagree or got told they were wrong) and possibly take action against people who rampantly flag. Of course the whole of that problem would be solved with a disagree button.
  • lilyth23 wrote: »
    bienvenue miss kelly et j'espère que ta tête va pas trop chauffer avec des questions ou des clash sur des bugs sur le jeu,les gains non présents etc

    Merci lilyth23, J'espère aussi!

    Ne vous inquiétez pas, j'apprécie beaucoup cette communauté de passonits!

    - KK
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,214 ★★★★★
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    - KK

    Hmmm 74a8bl7q024g.png

    Guys I just figured out Kamala Khan is god tier forum admin! Brain>brawn

    Also, maybe remove the blue background behind the SG profile pic once a user has manually changed it to SG (or just remove it altogether).
  • SlothBabySlothBaby Posts: 30
    I think Squirrel Girl should be in 2019. Where she fights the WHOLE Cabal
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    I don’t know if it’s been said but the chance to delete or edit your own discussion, not comments. I know you can after something like 15 minutes but sometimes you make a discussion and they later on you find what your looking for. Thanks
  • Hi. How about a trial of having alliance war with no revives. I appreciate that units is a great way of making money but we have lost a few wars recently because the opposition has clearly used alot of revives. We had something like 70 defence ko's in 1 group but still lost due to the fact no points awarded for defender ko's

    Thanks for taking the time to read
  • Sorry wrong forum I think. I'm new to the site, not the game
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,214 ★★★★★
    I’ve been noticing this fairly frequently nowadays. Is it like that because you guys have started work or does it need to be fixed as well. This happens when I click on the admin/mod button pb8xdn25snnp.png
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