End of year player feedback for Kabam: Creative team and Customer Relations/Business side

I’m an “ancient one” who has been playing since the start.

I love the creativity, artistic development, “coolness” of the game. I love collecting new champs and learning their quirks.

Kudos to the great creative team behind the game. This is why people love the game. The characters are beautiful and the story is fun and interesting.

So I give this side of Kabam a huge thumbs up. Keep up the great work!

Now, for the side which may be the ones who decide to delete this post, the customer relations and business side of the game. The ones who make decisions based purely on what makes the most money. We understand this is a business. We understand without profit the game ends and we can’t enjoy it anymore. But there has to be a balance and that balance has tilted heavily in favor of profit and against customer satisfaction.

You don’t want us to talk about rank down tickets. Because you know we all want them but they give us back resources that allow us to rank better/more useful champs and that keeps us from having to continually pay more for the special deals to get those T2 alphas and T5 basics to get our champs where we want them.

So I won’t talk about that.

I’ll talk about many of the “deals” being so incredibly insulting. I had a “deal” pop up the other day offering me 1,000 5* shards for the “low low price” of 750 units, marked down from 3,750 if I jumped on it within an hour.

I have a question. Do you feel a 5* champ is equivalent to 7,500 units? (Over $200 worth of units)
And further, the “regular” price would make a 5* champ the equivalent to 37,500 units....or $1,200.


This is only one example of the insulting types of offers Kabam regularly comes up with.

So, for rhe business and customer relations side, sorry. I know you guys have job to do and have to tow the company line in your responses and will probably delete this “unhelpful” post (which is actually designed to give you much needed feedback for the year in hopes of getting better service next year).

Big thumbs down guys.

Do better next year, ok?

And thank you to the brave people who give honest comments and to the moderator if they decide to keep this post up so you can get additional opinions.


  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 627 ★★★
    I agree with you. I won’t say everything kabam is doing is bad. They are trying. Like you I won’t even talk about the RDT because I made the choice to rank the champs I ranked.

    Now as far as rewards for quests: trash. The maze is a really cool aspect of the game to do. But the rewards are complete trash. For the effort at least. They put beast defenders on the path that’s cool! We should be challenged, but the nodes they are equipped with are insane for the amount of rewards. Give us a 5 star, 1.5-2.5 t2a, some 6 star shards. Maybe a rank up gem for a 5 star from 2-3 at least. My account can finish this, with some resources used. It I just don’t want to do it. I’d rather spend my time on variant.

    Kudos to kabam for the content they are working on, uncollected i think is great, not too hard not too easy, master is good for the rewards, variant is a cash grab but challenges you heavily. The new alliance events, the changes to AQ and AW.

    Bring up your customer satisfaction and you won’t get all this backlash
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 530 ★★★
    People are so passionate about this game and want it to be better. There’s been some homers and a few terrible swings at who knows what. The creative side is KILLING IT. For the new year let’s get some old champs buffed without it being a 6 month ordeal characterized by crazy slowness and unnecessary hand wringing before pulling the trigger on some minor buffs. You know what champs stink and what players really like. Not just in AW but in all content. Revitalize the game by buffing those old champs so they’re worthy of being in some of the monthly content.
  • Is it just my imagination or did customer service just go down AFTER Kabam got bought out??!!
    Just saying!!!
  • KormoKormo Posts: 77
    Kabams Greed
  • Andy5000Andy5000 Posts: 4
    The management of this company need to take a long hard look at what there staff has achieved in 2018. While they have generated some cool content and made some really good characters they always fall flat on their faces when it comes to their. Customer base and keeping them happy. Besides it's these people who ultimately pay their wages and keep them in a job. But I wonder for how much longer as I think their model of holding back decent rewards to the majority of players won't sell in 2019. For instance 5 stars still needing 10k is a joke, it's made 4 stars completely worthless. They could make this game so much more customer based but as usual some manager who has no clue what he is even doing is allowed to make decisions that effect a lot of people and not in a positive way. Get rid of this person and this game might be great again
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