Buff Grandmaster crystal

It's almost 2019, the grandmaster crystal, which we uncollected get one of every 2 weeks, doesn't cut it with its 89% 3 star, 10% 4 star, and 1% 5 star chance. Seeing as everyone underneath uncollected got a buff on rewards I think we uncollected should as well. 1% 5 star is dismal, and should be increased, because as it stands now the stats say that every 50 months you should get 1 5 star from that crystal. Maybe add a very small 6 star chance from it as well.


  • VantablackVantablack Posts: 51
    I think they should just reduce the calender cycle from 14 days to 7 days
  • Yeah I think they should add a way to get a bit more 5 star shards rather then relying on Arena all the time. So people don’t have the time to do Arena all the time. And mini games would be nice in the game as well to achieve rewards so you don’t have to fight all the time like a lottery you roll to get a chance at 5 star and 6 star shards.
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