Real Talk. Thank you Kabam

Honestly thank you kabam for trying to make this game a fair place for all and banning the cheaters. I also want to thank you for the web slinger challenge that yall did this month. it was a fun challenge and the rewards were nice. But honestly..... whats up with the collector in act 5... can we at least make him somewhat beatable with having to drop butt tons of units? I already made a pass through and working on 100% completion which is almost done besides the collector quest.. and I don't mind some bs fights like that magik yall placed in 5.2.4 that we had to fight twice. Or the caltrops path.. some bs is too be expected.. but having to fight the collector 6 different times? its a little much
maybe tone down his specials where we can at least evade them somewhat since they are unblocakble halfway through the fight
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