Shocked and dissapointed

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I can understand many were dissapointed with the mystery gift. Initially I was too but I always seen the positive side of things whenever I played Mcoc Its just a game after all and kabam is a gaming company. While some of the feedback was justified the amount of hatred and vitroil that spewed out was well over the top. Not to mention what I seen after reading some of the comments and hatred and what level it escalated to has shocked and dissapointed me to the core. I am very dissapointed in the way some of them have behaved. Maybe you should realise that the people who run this game and the forum moderators who compromise their family time to keep things running are doing what they can. I do not necessarily agree to everything they do but I will give appreciation when it is due and criticism when it is needed. They too are human beings like us so they are also not all perfect or all omnipotent. They too have real lives and families to look after so think before making such comments. and I am sure my post will get flagged or worse something else. Its Christmas keep it positive and chin up and look to a positive tomorrow. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


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