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Big Rank Up decision upcoming.. Who would you rank?

TKS87TKS87 Posts: 365 ★★★
I'm going to be doing my first run of LoL coming up within the next week, which will grant me the t2a to rank up one of these two.. 4d205si4yyra.png

Looking for some input as to who you would take up! Everytime I think about it I change my mind :) it is worth noting I have a 5* KM at r5 already, which is why I'm leaning towards ST atm. Appreciate the feedback!

Big Rank Up decision upcoming.. Who would you rank? 28 votes

R2 6* Sabretooth
ManChildStingerbkSceptilemaniacaxelelf_1CoachDitkaFhfjghhggggjfhfjgRockypantherxlukaka 8 votes
R5 5* Cap IW
RagamugginGunnerTonyStarkCliffinho2016Vegeta_9001AjTodayBMrgrifoJohn757binrakThe_red_EclipsePlagueisBaneNBSAIShadownamezGritabitLowercaseCube42monomuggmrcyrcleTheNoob_I_Miss_Bee09Z3ro_ô 20 votes


  • TKS87TKS87 Posts: 365 ★★★
    Ps just realized these are a little older screenshots. I'm at 3 t2a now, so the 4 from LoL will give me enough for ST as well.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 6,216 ★★★★★
    All I know is I would take either of those. Just monstrous.

    Dr. Zola
  • axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    R2 6* Sabretooth
    Do you have omega red and/or void. If so, I’d say Sabretooth
  • TKS87TKS87 Posts: 365 ★★★
    Thanks for the input guys! This ended up getting buried in Christmas day after the AG's got sent out, as there were a lot of 'Who should I rank up' threads. I ended up going with r5 cap IW. And am loving him!
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