Is sparky Worth generic Ag?

Shall i awake him or Somebody else?
He Is 4* maxed out And i have a duped Hyperion magic Sabretooth And unduped 5* blade

Is sparky Worth generic Ag? 22 votes

77% 17 votes
Wait (WHO?)
22% 5 votes


  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 563 ★★★
    I voted no until I saw it was 4*. Go ahead, if you will use him. Otherwise: aegon, blade, Medusa, void, scarlet witch, voodoo, archangel... many champs who gain a ton of utility from awakening.
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,494 ★★★
    I would say sparky is worth a generic as a 4* or a 5*. He’s a absolute beast when awakened. Tough to our damage him.
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