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This is not blaming the developers, this is my experience and I want to share it. I’ve highlighted areas that I don’t like.
1. RNG- I believe everyone is tired of this at some point. This game is designed in such a way that you’ve to either play 24/7 or spend money to progress. Otherwise with the current chance of getting a champion that really helps you clear the content, it will take you months to progress and after that the cycle repeats. For an uncollected player like me who has completed most of the game modes, it is frustrating to open a hulk buster after beating an uncollected monthly quest, he literally has no use in the game. I believe how the chance of getting a 5* from uncollected Crystal is 2%, likewise chance of getting an usable champion is extremely low which has not been revealed. After going through so much difficulty beating some of the hard contents, you pull something that is useless. How is it called a reward?
2. WHERE THE GAME IS HEADING- I do not like where game is heading. With the recent quests and the rng, it has become really difficult to beat contents like variant and maze without spending huge amount. YOU NEED SPECIFIC CHAMPIONS AT A HIGHER RANK to beat these content and they’re calling it hard mode. It is not hard mode, it is just based on your roster, like a gambit is enough for 1st chapter of variant. One may argue that it is a permanent content but maze is not a permanent content and you can’t wait bcoz others are finishing it and moving ahead just bcoz they got lucky in pulling the right champion, after all its competition and you don’t want to lag behind.
3. NOT FUN ANYMORE- recent content the game has offered isn’t fun anymore. It’s challenging the very basics we have learnt, the skills are no longer enough to beat, its luck based, like darkhawk, Hyperion in champions’ clash, though I didn’t have much problem beating him. Also unavoidable damage is not a hard content, it’s just a poor design.
4. ALLIANCE EVENTS- Not fun at all. AW was my favourite when it started but now the amount of time and resources we put in it isn’t justified. It’s the same thing over and over and the anxiety with the war and AQ is too much. Game should be an enjoyment, something that relaxes your mind and not something that causes stress.
5. AI- the AI isn’t wat it used to be. I agree with progression it should get tougher but it’s not so. I’ve noticed how AI counteracts our parry, there’s a split second delay in its attack, like a lag and it’s so annoying..I don’t have any prob AI being smart enough to avoid parry, but it shouldn’t feel like a lag. Some AI behaviour is just annoying like Hyperion in champions clash keeps throwing heavy until he reaches 3 bars of power.
6. RESOURCES- I don’t like the idea that I can only have 25 level 2 health potions in the inventory and and they can’t heal 2 champions to full health. I question the developers here. I am allowed to store enough health to heal a champion for once and take unavoidable damage or spend units? I get it they’re free to get and can be there in stash but you don’t use health potions in every fight, you use them once in a while and when you need that, you can’t get enough of those. Rank up materials are so imbalanced and rare that you’ve to be in high tier alliance to easily get those and you know how things work in high tier, it’s more stress than fun.
I do appreciate that there are many free stuff we get and there are many challenges which I thoroughly enjoy. I am not blaming anyone here, it’s just I am not having the same experience with the game that I used to have. Many can find some counters to all that I’ve said, there are counters for everything but is it justified is wat we should ask. Thank you.
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    Just quit. Why continue with something you can’t stand? Also, Hype never through heavies at me in Champion’s Clash. I baited him with varying combos. He throws heavies when you are blocking too close to him. Blocking is not baiting, unless of course you are baiting heavies.
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    The Maze is also not providing huge rewards. And the people finishing it are not doing so because they simply pulled the right champion. It’s for advanced rosters that people have spent a long time building through completing all other content, and through high level AW. I’m sure you have at least one of these “right” champions for one of the first few fights. Go in and see how you do.
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