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Need help with changing my email from work email to my other email. I've answered all of their ridiculous questions and have proof of all their questions such as my first two purchases which i contacted Apple for my 2016 receipts. Yet Support keeps closing all my tickets and not doing anything about it saying the information given is vague. Since when were receipts vague? Need help please.

And no Lyra i don't open multiple tickets unless they close my ticket; which they are doing without giving a reason why. I need help please.

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    I'm currently facing the same issue.

    They continuously reject my answers without giving reason (understandably it's for security reasons) but they aren't accepting any of the other forms of identification either.

    I've mentioned the first ever 4 star hero I pulled and when I did it. I'm almost certain they have the ability to verify this. But they would much rather ask questions that people don't bother remembering the answers to or have to jump through multiple hoops to get them.
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