Dungeon Do-Over

Game team should consider a mechanism to leave the first Room of a Dungeon before fighting occurs. Many of my in game friends have lost interest in dungeons as a game mode, so I find myself often “rolling the dice” on a partner.

Nothing quite as frustrating as a non-responsive partner who doesn’t move off the start in Room 1. There should be a way to punt that partner and that dungeon with no refresh penalty.

I’m not impugning anyone’s motives: surely, people have dropped signals, crying kids, angry spouses and all kinds of reasons they can’t do a dungeon they thought they could do. But that shouldn’t penalize their partners.

Dr. Zola


  • 100% agree.

    Dungeons can get so buggy on their own and if you're in an area where you have connectivity issues? I'd want this just so I don't feel bad when my buggy dungeon try wrecks someone else's fun.
  • Yeah I would love dungeons if time wasn’t a thing. But it is, and refresh times and having to grind nonstop just doesn’t work. I think it’s a good piece of content, but it needs a revamp. Eggs gotta get broken
  • I love the rewards for the dungeon content. Especially having the chance to narrow it down which character you're not going to win! lol

    But the process of crashing, unreliable dungeon partner, and shut down glitches, makes it so frustrating I've given up until it changes.
  • Dungeons are infuriatingly buggy. And half the time they match you with someone who has the same champs as you; makes no sense.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,259
    edited December 2018
    Bugginess is one of the biggest issues, to be sure: as just a single example, I don’t recall one time this past week where the dungeon chat worked correctly, which required restarting over and over.

    The real problem, though? Low reward for the effort. Most of my mates have either given up on dungeons or were busy with holiday events, so I chose “stranger danger” to push me to 27K shards.

    And it was excruciating. Multiple partners unable to get through D6R3, even D5R3 (because I’m not doing D7 with total strangers and losing good champs to the overly long refresh timers).

    All that grinding should be worth it, and it was—IF you consider a 5* CW from the Chaos crystal to be a solid prize.

    Great concept, out of touch execution.

    Dr. Zola
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