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Selling Our Champs to Our Friends or buying champs from our friends

edited December 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
I had a idea were if you sell your champs you can sell them to your friends or alliance member but if you sell your champ,they are brand new to the person you sold do by that i mean they will be level 1 and rank 1,and the buyer should upgrade the champ with his own resources,and when you buy a champ example you are buying 4star champ from your friend,example corvus glaive,now the buyer should give gold,cosmic iso-8,basic iso-8,5 star shards all of that depending on the champ if hes maxed,kabam should give the resources to the seller by taking them from buyers account..the reason why i brought up this idea is that when we sell our champs..theres is no use...so buying a champ from another player sounds cool..what do you think guys


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    Yeah thats true again...nice thinking..thinking outside the box nice bro
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