Alliance Gifting Event

@Kabam Miike is there a minimum score for each summoner individually needs to achieve in order to receive any ranked rewards awarded for the Alliance for the Alliance Gifting Event?


  • I’m wondering this as well, I’m at 7,430/10,450. My alliance has hit the final milestone. Do I need 10,450pts to receive rank rewards? @Kabam Miike
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 242
    Would you give someone the chance for a 5* thanos plus more for something like a 50 point contribution? I’m thinking most likely need to hit all milestones and play it safe!
  • Things like this cannot be left to guess-work tho....

    - Where is this in the announcement?
    - Where is this in game?
    - Why has support given 4 different answers to 4 support tickets regarding this?
    - Why have all threads gone unanswered?

    There's a reason communication is important guys...
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