My first 10 5*champions.

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Is there a hero worth upgrading? I think it's all garbage (not quake)Im really unlucky ;(
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    Yondu is worth upgrading. Good healblock and can apply bleeds through blocks
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    I have healblock characters (4 star arc-ghulk)
  • Yondu!!! My r4 5* gets me through a lot of content. Bleed, heal block, crits/bleeds through block, armor break on bleed immunes & armor steal. Armor steal works on armor nodes too, so those annoying +90% armor fights are much, much shorter.
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    Red cyke is a very effective war attack champion. Kamala is also pretty solid, lots of fury.
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    Love me some Yondu
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    Yondu also bypasses masochism and buffet very easily
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    But, Yondu would be your daddy!!
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    This is a 2 year old thread.
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    Why do these really old threads keep popping up on the front page
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    How in the world did you find Crossbones on here
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    Colossus and quake are amongst the top 10-20 champs in the game right now. If you don’t rank them you are missing out.
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    Bruh, this thread is 2 years old, by now he would have collected over 100 5 stars if he was an active player!!
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    Colossus is not a grabage know that man😠😠😠😠
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    Colossus is trash (this is 2018 remember) . Try rhino
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    FINALLY some Yondu love!
    I've always loved that champ, really fun to play, some cool uses

    My pulls on my mini have been fire, started it about 3 months ago, have gotten about 15 5*'s and 2 6*s

    Pulled G99, Colosuss, Red Guardian, Sym Supreme, Hype, Stark Spidey, Venom as 5*'s and Aegon as one of my 6*s
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    @Rookiie my memer, where you at?
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    Kill_Grey said:

    @Rookiie my memer, where you at?

    Right here bro

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    If you still use the forums, I would love to see an update of your roster 2 years later
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