Gold 3 Alliance looking for a few solid members for AW & AQ

Conclave X is currently at the high end of Gold 3 and (hopefully) Gold 2 after the last AW of the season.
Season 6 record to date:
  • 10 wins
  • 1 loss
  • Cleared the final boss in both battle groups in all 11 wars
One of our battle groups usually only clear away 2 mini bosses making for some interesting, long, and sometimes frustrating final boss fights. While smacking down a 90k prestige boss definitely has some feel good moments, I actually had to use a revive and some healing potions in the last war (first time this season). We could really use another mini boss or two taken out each war before this becomes a nasty habit!

So if you look at a 20k prestige AW mini boss and think "no big deal, let's do this" - we want you!

Other stuff:
  • AQ - 3 BGs: 44444 / 33333/ 22222
  • Minimal donations (donate what you can spare)
  • Discord is required
  • My YouTube channel (cazathuul) is focused on serving the alliance. Have a question about a champ, technique, or specific content? Ask and I will create a video for you if a great one doesn't already exist!

Interested in joining or learning more? Contact me in game (Cazathuul), on Discord (cazathuul#3002), or leave a response to this post!



  • Update: We won the final war of the season bringing our record to 11 wins and 1 loss. We are currently sitting at Gold 2 with just under 6 hours remaining in the season, however expect us to be displaced into high Gold 3 as the final war results continue to come in.


    Here is our Season 6 recap and recruitment video:

  • Thanks for all of the interest everyone! We could use 1 or 2 more experienced summoners, ideally you should meet these requirements:
    • At least cleared a single path through Act 5 Chapter 2 (Uncollected)
    • At minimum, three max rank 4* champs (and/or 5* rank 3) for AW attack.
    • At minimum, five 4* rank 4 (and/or 5* rank 2) champs for AW defense

    An addition three max rank 4* / 5* rank 3 champs for use in AQ is preferred but not absolutely necessary as we run a wide range of AQ maps every day.
  • We have filled all available slots for Season 7, thanks to those that took the time to check us out!
  • GraewoodGraewood Posts: 40
    If more space becomes available, I would be interested. 200k+ got a solid team of 4* 5/50 champs for AW and AQ.
    Working my way through 5.2.4 at the moment.
    Add me in game and maybe we can chat in there?

    Username: Graewood
  • We had some unexpected turnover in the past few days, looking for 2 more to join us!

    Updates since the original post:
    • AQ details - 3 BGs running 44444/44333/22222.
    • We finished Season 6 in 28th place in Gold 3.

    We will likely be moving up to AQ map 5 at least a few times a week within the next couple weeks.
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