L> Alliance as Officer sit (5m-7m).

Veteran since Jan 2015, prestige 4439, 190k PI.
Using rank 5s only for AQ and AW.
Experienced mostly with map 5 and aw tiers 5-10.
Leave info below thank you


  • Message me: ign: PhantomDronex7
  • YucaparejaYucapareja Posts: 9
    add me on line: yucapareja

    5.7 m alliance AQ 55522 (experti tier)
  • HQ101HQ101 Posts: 422
    The Forgotten Marines [xTFM] could certainly use your help. Map 5x5. Expert Tier AQ. 6 Million Alliance.

    You can friend hq101 on game or hq101heath on Line app.

  • BigTrump2017BigTrump2017 Posts: 162
    hope you guys understood that im looking to join as an officer
  • What is your line id?
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