Gifting Event Ranked Rewards egilbility

I have logged on every day, I play a ton every day, reached all milestones in both solo gifting events and reached all the minimum requirements in the alliance gifting. I am too 10 in the alliance pts score.

Will I miss Ranked rewards because I was kicked out of my alliance right after gifting started and was only in the gifting event for 90-95% of it? (13 days)..

I already have received not a single milestone reward, will I not be able to get the ranked rewards either?

This is really screwing over the players that this has happened to. I hope we are not voided from Ranked rewards as well and would hope kabam sees the error they made and fix it for their player base.


  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437
    edited January 1
    You were booted just before the event ended? That's a horse-bleep move by your old alliance because you won't get any rewards. Gotta be there to gey rewards just like any other event.

    Or are you saying you got booted by your old alliance and joined a new one shortly after gifting began? If you have been in that alliance nearly the entire gifting event, you should get any rewards that were earned while you were there, including rank rewards at the end
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