A5 Ultron

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Hi guys,

So I went into 5.4.6 for a testrun with Trinity 5-50s, 3-45 Sentinel and 3-45 Blade (yeah, 2 Blades lol).

I wanted to see how hard Ultron would be without Nebula/Loki/Medusa, because everyone is saying you need them or a fat wallet.

First fight with Blade I got him down to 40% and that was on 50% health. I had no health potions, but I had 9 20% revives. I used a 20% champ boost, revived, and finished him off with my 5-50 4* Blade. Easily.

Altogether it seemed like a much easier fight than all the videos I'd seen with the most advertised champs.

Now my question: Was I lucky? He never got a power gain or fury. He did get an armor up once and a regen once. I died from a lag on SP1, but other than that...I mean, I was really surprised!


  • It's a very easy fight with Blade. You were VERY lucky that Ultron didn't get the power gain buff.

    Unfortunately for me , I used about 20 revives for the 8 runs just becouse there was too much lag. I couldn't evade sp2 cause of the lag. Be careful of the lag and good luck in exploration!
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Yeah, that power gain was exactly what I was afraid of and it didn't happen LOL

    Alright, thnx!
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    The thing is Blade and the trinity is part of thay list of must haves because he shuts down a lot of the nodes. Try doing it without the trinity and you'll understand the fun of it. I had a 4* loki that I ranked up to r4 for that one purpose. But ended up having better luck with my r5 5* Magik
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    I remember 4/55 duped Drax and 4/55 duped CB being my mvp’s against that Ultron.

    Edit: and I also remember that fight to be much more about skill than money/units.
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Yeah, that MODOK kill looks great, excellent use of abilities! Exploited his buffs well!
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    Sorry to burst your bubble but blade with GR synergy is on that “list” with medusa, Loki etc.
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    Another amazing counter to him is sabretooth with the killmonger synergy. The node is basically turned off
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    @Mbizz well, there was no bubble really, it's just that for some reason I didn't see any vids. I can understand why the synergy works of course, but I figured that without a 100% shutdown, which it doesn't do, the fight was impossible. I mean, the Loki Nebula Medusa methods are all about 100% shutdown.
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