Name changes

New issues have come into the game due to name changes. Many players are now scamming alliances or screwing them over and leaving in the middle of events and then changing their names. So they dont get black balled like they should be. A douche named WARIO asked me to trade 3 greater gifting crystals and then once i sent them he bailed out of the alliance. The name changes are enabling scammers like this to screw other players out of units because pf their selfish greed. Please remove being able to change summoners names. Or add a feature to be able to mark summoners accounts. So other players can avoid jerks like this. I know its crappy. But its always one bad apple who spoils it for everyone. Its becoming and on going issue especially during the gifting events. Please adress this issue before next year. No player wants to get ripped off of their hard earned money. Just sayin dude


  • I totally agree. Haven't had this problem but I would like these additions. Also, make name changing free!
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