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so here is my problem, i logged into my alt to find 79 notifications in my profile, almost all of them for a new champ, problem is, my alt is level 20 with 35 total champs. Below is proof that I’m not going crazy. i didnt get all the profile pics, and all the champs in my roster but or the new over all of the profile pics, but there are a bunch of the profile pictures that cant exist as 2 star champs and i didnt sell any champs.


  • VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 664
    you guys think this data transferred from my main acc to this one? or what. thats my best guess
  • @VulcanM thats exactly what it is, except if you try to select them, it wont work. its mainly just a visual annoyance
  • Hey!

    @Primmer79 is correct! This is just a visual error. It can happen every so often with other things. It's like a residual of your other account lingering behind. If you close out of the app entirely and reopen it, things should go back to normal.
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