Season 7 Start Date and the Future of Rotating Global Buffs


Season 6 of Alliance Wars has come to an end, and we’re just about ready to kick off the next Season! Season 7 will also be coming to you after only a 1 week downtime, and will start on January 9th!

We realize that players appreciate the 2 week downtime, and will be returning to it shortly, but we’ve made these schedule adjustments to accommodate upcoming optimizations to Alliance Wars matchmaking. We don’t have any more information to share on this at this time, but stay tuned!

Additionally, we wanted to let you all know that there will once again not be any Global Buffs applied to Season 7 or 8.

We are continuing to work on our permanent feature that will allow Alliances to select their own Global Buffs per Battlegroup, and wanted to put our focus there. Stay tuned for more information on this feature in the future as well!

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