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Lock War Rating on Offseason

These one week season breaks are brutal and I’m guessing a lot of it is geared towards combating tanking. Why not lock war rating and allow alliances a bit more time to reorganize.
We start off season in the middle of AQ where it’s hard to organize things and then you only give us a week to do it. Might as well tank wars since that’s the only time available to swap players out.


  • Johnnyblaze23Johnnyblaze23 Posts: 45
    How about just locking the ability to lose WR in the off-season? Meaning, zero points for a loss, + points for a win. This way teams that wanna move up can do so, while teams looking to alter their rating won't. Is that something that can be exploited as well?
  • IsItthoughIsItthough Posts: 254 ★★
    Why should they lock war rating? If people want to bypass rewards and give up easy 5* shards to another group then Im thankful to them. Honestly, the most an alliance can drop in rating is 100-150 maybe a bit more. I used to think it made a difference when we were pushing for plat 1 a few seasons ago, now that we are fine with gold 1 or plat 3, I see that it doesn't change the landscape that much. The best thing they could do is get rid of seasons all together and just add a small amount of the rewards into each win or loss. The higher tier you are the more you get. It removes the stress a bit knowing that having one bad war won't kill a whole alliance.
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