Uncollected Question

To those that are uncollected there are many, one quick question especially to those who have been UC for awhile.

What champ would you use to run Act 5 now (maybe you didn't have at the time) or you used to complete it? I'm on Act 5.1.4 just looking for the best line up to push through!!

Thanks in advance!! Grind on


  • Tudgie78Tudgie78 Posts: 45
    Duped Hyperion and Corvus Glaive. Good luck 😉
  • jkcjmijijkcjmiji Posts: 249
    edited January 4
    @Wayntos I became uncollected not too long ago. As I recall, I took the Kang, IP SIM path and I used AA to clear the path. I think AA is viable except Iceman and Hulk. I don't know what you have but bring your hardest hitting champs.
    I used Starky, Blade, Medusa, CAPIW and AA. However, if you have (to name a few) OG DD, Domino, Hyperion, CG, Iceman, Ghost, GP, Venom, Omega Red, Hulk, Gulk, Rulk, Vision, KM should all help out to chip away collector's health.

    You will have to use revive potions. Use only team revives.
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