Just pulled a 5 star Korg. How far should I rank him up?

SaphyaerSaphyaer Posts: 52
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I understand he is a good defender but how does he fare as an attacker? I also have rank 2 5 star Hawkeye. Who should I prioritise? Thanks guys.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 588
    He’s a fairly average attacker, I wouldn’t take him past r3 for attack, and probably not past that until duped for defence, but if you can awaken him he’s worth maxing for d
  • SaphyaerSaphyaer Posts: 52
    OK thanks. Maybe Hawkeye first then.
  • being in your alliance i would say take him to r5 xD

    but he's amazing tier maybe as an attacker can get you around a few fights since he is the only permanent shock immune champ [emma is only in diamond form]

    try to build your attacking team first tho.

    hawkeye is pretty incredible cuz of his sp1. one of my fav champs, fluid motions, easy to play.

    korg is new tho he might help u in newer content
  • As a defender, as far as you can but if you need an attacker, HE is the jam
  • SaphyaerSaphyaer Posts: 52
    Hi, Super Saiyan.
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