LF 1/2 players 7k+ prestige aw high gold 1 AQ 5x5

Hi we are looking to replace a few members due to real life commitments. We are a solid 20 mill currently alliance that is well organised and hold a wealth of skill and knowledge of the game. If your looking for the sweet spot between kill counting high pressure spending (which we most def aren’t) and good rewards then message me on line for a chat. Happy for those coming down from the pressure or those that want more than what they currently have. Line id: schmitrn for a chat.
AQ top 500+ finish weekly with a decent amount of map 6 crystals from milestone rewards


  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 93
  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 93
    Still on the look out message me for a chat
  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 93
    We are still on the look out for a few replacements before season starts again on the 9th. Message me for a chat
  • Hey I’d be interested if you’re still looking. My in game name and line id are both SnackAttack90 if you want to check out profile/need more info
  • Parth90Parth90 Posts: 2
    Hi, i m interested. My game name n line name is same i.e Parth90.
  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 93
    Still on the look out if anyone is interested. Message me on line for the quickest response. Thanks ID: schmitrn
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