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How many unit for easy run on LOL?

Fighter092Fighter092 Posts: 128
edited January 2019 in General Discussion
I have blade 5/65 as main atacker for LOL, what team should i use? And how many unit?


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    Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    I did it with 5/65 domino yesterday and it took 1500 units, but if u want to be safe because blade will take longer and be more difficult to use, 3000.
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    Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    Look through the path’s champions and decide whether or not the GR synergy is needed, and I recommend the ant man and yellow jacket attack increase and a mutant CRIT team
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    belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    An exceptional play would do it around 1000 and average player would do it for around 3000. Also you don’t need the attack synergy as mentioned about since you blade is already 5:65. I would recommend gr synergy and sparky if you have him as a 5*. My lol team is blade, sparky both 5* then add gr and mephisto for full danger sense synergy and I use vulture for attack bonus for sparky since mine is a 4:55 he needs one attack synergy to extend the enrage timer. Good luck the first run is well worth it the next 5 suck
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    CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    Maybe inventory. Blade can do LOL free. Just use the synergies . Gr Spark Blade. Also use maxed deep wounds. And extended bleed synergy. Use max recovery mastery too.
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